• VIP Parking Services Available at One of the Lowest Rates you Will Find Anywhere

    We Provide Professional Service Everytime Guaranteed.

  • We can provide service for any Private Event, Wedding, Corporate Office, & More

    We want you to be treated like royalty, at the end of the day you're a VIP!

  • All Our Drivers Are Professionals, Dedicated, & Trustworthy

    We provide drivers with clean background history, and driving records!

Our Expertise is in Professional Valet Service

We Pride Ourselves to Guarantee Any Valet Service for Low Prices and Exqusite Luxury with Every Client.



VIP Parking Services will make sure we provide expert parking service for any event our clientele host. We work hard to provide excellent customer service.

We Provide Discounts & Can Provide you with a Free Estimate.

We make sure that all vechiles are returned the same way as it was given, running smoothly, and clean.

We pride ourselves with having Las Vegas Style service. You are our VIP at the end of the day.

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Our president, Narek, developed this company from ground up years ago, working countless hours, making sure that all our clients vechiles are parked and secured safely.

We make sure no matter how many people are in your group, we open all doors, and give top knotch service.

We make sure that all our clients are satisfied and we provide special offers for every occassion!

Valet Parking for


Apartment/Condominiums Complexes

Corporate Buildings

Private Events

Country Clubs



The Difference Between Everyone and VIP PARKING SERVICES


  • Responsive Time Of Arrival

    Our drivers will make sure your vehicle arrives on time, and departs exactly when you arrive.

  • New Technological Design

    Drivers will know exactly when your guests arrive and depart. Precise timing is key.

  • Anytime - Any Place

    Our Drivers are around the clock, whenever you need your vehicle, one of our drivers will be there for you.

  • Attractive and Welcoming Drivers

    Our promises that all our staff are friendly, helpful, and true loving to all our customers.

  • Ask Us about our Low Rates

    Our Offices Offer Discounts Upon Request.

  • Excellent Customer Service

    Our Friendly Customer Service Will Schedule Your Next Event With Us.

We work with corporate facilites, restaurants, hotels, & more.

Our Drivers Are Waiting For All Attendees to Arrive To Get Them In the Venue On Time.

VIP PARKING SERVICES Makes it our Priority in Serving all our customers with respect, loyalty, honesty, and modesty.

Our goal is to Provide Transportation Throughout the Region and Develop a Clientele Network to Work with to Promote and Serve our Customers.

Use VIP Parking Services for Your Next Event, and Live It Up Like a Celebrity.

We Only Hire Experienced Drivers for all events: Weddings, Night Clubs, Funerals, Every Occassion is Provided For.
Our Goal is to get your vehicle parked without you dealing with traffic. We make sure that all our Drivers are Sober, Drug-Free, and have their Liscenses for a Long-Time Period.

We Work Hard and Long Hours So You Enjoy a Good Time

VIP Parking Services will Prove to You Why We Are the Right Choice to Go With.

Fast Scheduling

Customer Satisfaction

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