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Our Expertise is in Attic Insulation Installation &removal, Atttic Cleaning, Attic Decontamination, Air Duct Cleaning, HVAC SYSTEM INSTALLATION, Radiant Barriers, & Rodent Proofing

Our Contractors Are Knowledgeable, Licensed, and Insured.

Local Attic Crew is the company you can trust, we will show you various ways of keeping your home clean, rodent free, and a place where you want to be.



Local Attic Crew can handle any insulation job with the utmost professionalism and talent, even in the most dangerous conditions.

We specialize in insulation installations, attic cleaning, air sealing services, HVAC system installations and rodent proofing all over the Bay Area and surrounding Counties. Your home won't face the same issues for decades to come after our visitation.

All our technicians are experienced in the trade, skilled with years of training, and our clients can rest peacefully throughout the entire project. We go over inspection with certified inspectors, therefore we are assured that we did the job right the first time.

Our technicians look for disfunctions throughout the entire structure.

They are determined in finding any signs of air exposure, air leaks, and moisture.

Removal of any old insulation that has been through mold, fires, water damage, debris, and hazardous substances.

Here at Local Attic Crew, all our contractors are fully insured, bonded, and licensed through certified training, and passing the required Board License Exams. We assure that our technicians do their job to the best of their abilities. We add baffles and roof vents to make the new insulation stay dry and free from mold and mildew.

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Local Attic Crew has been excelling in the Bay Area after years in Southern California. Many turn their heads to Local Attic Crew by homeowners, contractors, and business owners. We strive to in bringing new techniques, materials, and tradesmen to every jobsite. When clientele hire us, we blow their expectations out of the air. When dealing with moisture, mold,mildew, and other fungi Local Attic Crew wear the correct gear, safety is always first with Local Attic Crew. We will eradicate any grow spores, microbes, and allergens. Our clientele have only complimented us on our professionality, and amazing work. We hope you’ll invite us into yours to discuss your next project.

Local Attic Crew will give you the truth about how your homes health. We are honest contractors working with homeowners to offer them the best service, as well as a free quote.

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Local Attic Crew Provides Any Home Servicing, Attic Remodeling, and Roof Servicing

Our Attic Crew will provide professional attic cleaning service, rodent proofing and attic restoration services converting into successful results, and the safest attic cleaning in the Bay Area.

  • Air Duct Cleaning

  • HVAC Systems

  • Air Duct Replacement

  • Rodent Proofing

  • Roofing Services

  • Attic Insulation Services

  • Insulation

  • Attic Encampment

  • Radient Barrier

  • Energy Upgrades

  • Spray Insulation

  • Air Sealing Services

  • Attic Inspections

  • Attic Remodeling

  • Crawl Space Cleaning

We Pride in Our safe attic cleaning in The bay area

Local Attic Crew guarantees professional work at every jobsite. We go extra to provide the best results. Our duct cleaning will pick up any debris or waste, as well any allergens in your home will be eliminated. We get rid of any opportunity for diseases, fungi, mold, dust, pollen, dust mites, and pet hair to multiply and infest your air ducts.

Local Attic Crew Show Determination in Satisfying Our Customers With Professionalism, Courtesy, Skill, the Lowest Price for the Job in the Area.

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Local Attic Crew will take on any job too large or too small, every project is carried out at the highest level of service. We make sure our clientele come back to our company and at the lowest prices, you can't go wrong.
We make sure we treat your home with the upmost respect, care, and priority. Your home will look cleaner, smelling fresher, no signs of any infestations, and a sacred haven.
Once You are a Customer, you're home will have a newly build and refurnished attic. Any signs of infestations, animal droppings, etc... will be properly taken care of and extracted from your home. We guarantee everything will go through inspections after any job with Local Attic Crew.


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