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    Heck Electric, LLC. expertise is in electrical repairs, small jobs, and larger projects for residential, commercial, and industrial customers in Kentucky.

Our background is Electrical

We will find out what was the cause for all our clienteles problems. We provide all your electrical solutions, we want our clients safe.


Heck Electric, LLC. provides of an array of electrical services, both indoor and outdoor.

Most jobs take up to one day to complete, however in some cases they may take up to 3 depending on our schedule, and depending on the amount of work needed to finish.

All our electrical contractors went through vigorious training and completed contractor exams in order to perform electrical service in any home.

We promise to get your home back to the way it was if not in better condition, no job is too big nor too small with Heck Electric, LLC. We try to make ourselves a home name brand company.

When dealing with electric everything has to be intact, we make sure that our technicians go over every detail from start to finish.

Here at Heck Electric, LLC we are licensed, bonded, and insured to make sure there is liability for every job we do.


Our Founder and President, Hector Ramos went through years of schooling to develop the career he wished for.

We at All Phaze Electric, LLC deliver whatever is asked and choose to hold a relationship with our clients. We promise top quality service in all aspects of electric. No client is ever left behind and clueless.

Years later Hector decided to move onto bigger things such as commercial electrics and he has a name for himself with the residents as well.

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The Heck Electric, LLC Promise

We work effortlessly in order to provide our clients with safe, durable, quality electric service. Here are some things we specialize in:

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    Service Calls

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    New Construction

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    Panel Upgrades

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    Generator Installation

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    Retros/Panel Box Repair

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Heck Electric, LLC has helped hundreds of customers live in their homes without dealing with any electical issues, let us help you too.


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