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  • Family Bees Eco-Friendly Bee Removal is an Army veteran and family owned company

    Our team is very skilled and qualified in their expertise and have helped many homeowners' with their issues.

  • Family Bees relocates the bees to our local beekeepers

    To help ensure the growth and population of our bees.

We Care For the Safety of Your Family and the Safety of Bees

We are currently servicing the following counties: LA,Ventura, Riverside, Orange, San Bernardino and any surrounding areas.


Family Bees uses natural products during the removal process causing little to no harm to ensure the safety of the bees. Our team is highly skilled and qualified in the jobs they perform.

If you like almonds, then 2013 brought some bad news. Each year, honeybees from across the country make the trip to California, which grows 80 percent of the world’s almonds, to pollinate the almond crop.

Bees have been dying in unusually large numbers for several years now, and this year appears worse than most. The problems we face if we don’t have healthy populations of pollinators, particularly honeybees, extend beyond almonds.

Three-fourths of the top crops grown in the world require animals — mostly insects — for pollination. Odds are that most of your favorite fruits, nuts and melons are pollinated by honeybees.


Not only do we remove and relocate the bees safely, we use natural products and relocate to the local beekeeper for proper use and reproduction. Our founder established cautious varieties of capturing bees without doing any harm. We care for the environment and all our clients.

We are available 24 hours a day and offer bee proofing for your home or business 1-2 hour emergency response service available.

We price match our competitors with written estimate. Ask about our military/government discounts.

We are highly qualified and work in a professional manner to ensure not only the safety of the bees, but the customers we serve as well.

We give appropriate guarantees for the job performed and are confident in the job we do. We offer free inspection and estimates. We give honest and reasonable pricing.


There is no job too big or small, we are equipped, ready and able to finish the job.

We're also qualified in the repair of:

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    Roofs (Shingles, Tiles, Flat & More)

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    Sliding Walls

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    Stucco Walls

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    We Offer Discounts to Veterans, Military Personel, Teachers, Doctors, Senior Citizens, Call More For Details

Our Removal Process is done in a Safe, Natural and Effective Manner:

Our services are there to make our clients home a safe environment to be around, as well as to restore the look of any home. Bees Can Be Found In:

Your Home: Honeybees will move into any structure that can facilitate their honey harvesting

When bees first settle in any home that is a sign there may be a lot of pollen, before the small issue becomes a huge issue one should contact a specialist in the industry

In wood frame homes, bees like to get between the studs and if not properly removed, you can find large amount of honey.
Our goal is to get your family and home away from the danger of been infested with a swarm or a hive. Contact Family Bees if you need expert help.
It is difficult enough to cut through stucco, if left unattended a small problem can become a big job.
Days Open
Chemicals & Pesticides Used
Family Business

Family Bees Honest & Responsive Standard

We leave no residual honey and leave the area as clean as possible.

Here at Family Bees our main focus is to provide excellent service.

We focus on quality not quantity and offer fair pricing.

We are available 24/7.


1-2 Hour Emergency Response Time

Price Match Our Competitiors With Written Estimate

Premium Support

we're more than happy to take care of all our clients needs

Family Bees has helped hundreds of customers live in peace and without having swarming critters, let us help you too.

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Bee-Free Home

Keep Your Family Safe and the Bees! Get your home back today with Family Bees

Call our friendly sales staff to get your appointment set up and get an expert exterminator at your door. We're committed to our clientele and are ready to help you now.

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