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    We record all music styles and genres. Our services include, but are not limited to, recording projects for bands, solo artists, and commercial projects.

Our Expertise is in Audio Services, Providing Quality Sound, Studio Recording, and Developing New Music

California Sound Studios takes great pride in providing a state-of-the-art, multimedia professional recording studio, a creative and relaxing atmosphere, the contacts to get you where you want to go, a highly skilled team of experienced engineers, producers, musicians & vocalists…everything possible to help you achieve your dreams!!! We record all music styles and genres.


California Sound Studios, Inc. proudly offers a complete state-of-the-art recording facility specializing in the following services: Analog/ Digital Multitrack recording using; C24 Surface, Pro-Tools HD, Logic, Cubase. Universal Audio, Neve, Avalon, Presonus, Focusrite Pre-Amps. Neumann, AKG, Shure Microphones, and much more!!!

We record all music styles and genres. Our services include, but are not limited to, recording projects for bands, solo artists, and commercial projects. Tracking, Editing, Mixing, and Mastering. CD, LP & Tape Transfers, CD Duplication and Design. Writers, Arrangers, Composers, Producers, Musicians, and Vocalists. We also offer music instrument lessons, Vocal Training, Rehearsal Room, Engineering and Recording workshops. Music Industry Workshops, Internship programs and job placement.

Our studios provide the professionals that will demonstrate their true talents and help any artist edit, record, mix, and customize their music. We selected the elite to help you out with any project.

Our studios are designed to help out any level of artist, musician, and we really enjoy teaching all our members.

Our facility offer our young stars a junior engineer training program, audio engineering and music business course, instrument and vocal lessons, and a 90 day internship program. As well Photography and Video Services are avaliable upon request from our members.

We have strategically aligned ourselves with Static Motion Productions, to provide diverse and creative production services from pre-post.

WE OFFER: Expert production in film, video, photography and digital mediaLogistical support including budgeting, scheduling, permits production crews hand-picked for their professionalism, artistic excellence, & technical expertise.


Our president, chief executive officer, executive music producer, Nathan Wright, of both California Sound Studios Inc. & Wright Records Inc. Nathan has been highly trained and educated in business development, management, marketing and promotions.

Nathan received his Masters Degree in Business Management and Marketing at JVU School of Business and went on to travel throughout the US and Canada speaking at major educational/ business training seminars on a range of leadership topics. He is honored to have had worked along side some of the nation’s leading educational speakers and music industry professionals.

Nathan has produced large music events with much success throughout Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco and the Las Vegas areas. Nathan has a vast knowledge of the entertainment business and how to develop both up-and-coming and established Artist in today’s fast changing technological industry.

Looking for today’s most innovative and cutting edge Artist is his main priority for his independent record label, “Wright Records” which handles Artist Development by providing Production, Distribution, Promotions, Publishing and Management.

Nathan and our friendly staff are here to help out any artist trying to learn to play a new instrument, educate our young members, and provide quality sound for any occassion.

Feel and Hear The Difference With Us

We take great pride in getting our recording artist(s) the most professional quality sound recording at an affordable rate. In today’s competitive music industry it is imperative to have a team of experienced, real life working professionals using today’s most cutting edge and modern techniques with the latest state-of-the-art equipment and software.

  • State of the Art Technology

    Our Studio Uses the Newest Technology Out on the Market to Make Your Experience a Professional One.

  • Quality Sound Every Time

    Our Professionals Will Make Every Key and Note Pitch Perfect.

  • Best Atmosphere and Production Quality

    California Sound Studios Makes The Whole Difference In the Entire Experience, With Us Our Members Can Actually Make A Platinum Album!

  • We Record All Music Styles and Genres.

    Our Artists Can Have the Freedom to Record Any Type of Music Here At California Sound Studios

  • We Offer Training and Lessons For All Our Musicians and Artists

    Music Instrument Lessons, Vocal Training, Rehearsal Room, Engineering and Recording Workshops. Music Industry Workshops, Internship programs and Job Placement.

  • Excellent Customer Service

    Our Friendly Team Will Always Be Available to Help You Out.

Leading the Entertainment Industry with Quality and Experience

Our studio caters to all artists, musicians, producers, and students. We pride ourselves in having an one-stop-shop where all our services are under one roof. We will get you where you want and the results will show.

To provide our award-winning services, we present our list of equipment, preferred suppliers and equipment choices.

California Sound Studios, Inc. has continuously raised the bar for quality production of today’s most innovative and talented artist. Our music industry professionals have a proven track record of consistently leading the entertainment industry.

This includes: scouting for talent at shows and on the internet. Assist in real recording sessions while learning new production techniques along with how to release music around the world. You will be hands on Production, Distribution, Promotions, Artist Management, Showcases-Touring, Radio, Publishing and Artist Development.
Our goal is to get our students to read and write music, perform on stage in front of hundreds, we want to make all our student artists to achieve their own goals.
Here at California Sound Studio we are open as long as our clients are recording in the studio. We have a flexible schedule for all our members.
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We will find out what your strengths and weaknesses are. After you sign up with California Sound Studio and with one of our instructors we will determine what music style is suited for our artists.

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Your experience with California Sound Studio will be pleasant, professional, exclusive, and personal to reach all your goals.

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We will ask you what type of music you're into and we assign a professional to assist you with all your music, production, recording, and etc...

Come in whenever, our studio is open 24/7

All our clients and members have access to our studio anytime they wish to get work done.


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CALIFORNIA SOUND STUDIOS & WRIGHT RECORDS currently has opportunities available for a select few to take advantage of the 90 Day Internship Training Program! This program is designed to help you establish a career in the hardest to break into industry there is by gaining experience in real recording sessions and on the front lines of a record label scouting for talent and helping release and promote the music you help recorded.

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