• AU Refugee Focus provides basic human needs to those affected by the Syria Crisis

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    AU Refugee Focus Strongly Condemns the Chemical Attacks in Syria

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Providing Resources to those who are victims of terror, civil war, & Disaster

Our Volunteers Dedicate Themselves in Order to Enrich Lives, Provide Shelter, and Necessities.

Successfully Challenging Governments, Dictators, and Administrations in Order to Improve Lives of Those Who Are Impacted Around the Globe.




According to the Detroit Free Press, in 2016, approximately 5,039 refugees resettled in Michigan.

The two most common nationalities were those coming from Syria and Iraq. There are several community agencies within Michigan that provide services to refugees looking to build a more promising future through services that offer assistance in resettlement, mentoring, education, and much more.

AU Refugee Focus seeks to connect those interested in working with agencies around Michigan to help provide a better future for refugees coming from all around the world. We therefore seek to inform those interested in the needs of the agencies, encouraging our community to take a more active role through raising awareness, petitioning, donating, and volunteering.

AU Refugee Focus serves as the initiative and central point of bridging the gap between our mere interests and taking action.

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AU Refugee Focus

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  • Child Services

  • Food & Nutrition

  • Find A Home for A Family

  • Help the Ridiculed

  • Help the Sick

  • Help the Stranded

  • Emergency Supplies

  • Attic Encampment

  • Disaster Funds

  • Freedom

  • Freedom

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AU ReFUGEE FOCUS dedicate their foundation in order to save humanity

We Work Hard to Accomplish the Impossible

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