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  • About Us

    ALEX & SON APPLIANCE REPAIR was started in 2007 and has over 20 years of experience with appliance repair and maintenance. ALEX & SON APPLIANCE REPAIR provides expert assessments and repair for the following: Washers Dryers Cookers Wine Coolers Refrigerators Freezer Repair Oven Stovetops Ice Makers Ranges and etc.

    ALEX & SON APPLIANCE REPAIR is a Family Owned & Operated Company with over 10 Years of Experience.

    We Hold By A High Standard of Work Ethic & Will Give You A FREE ESTIMATE if WE DO THE JOB!


    We Use Modern Techniques to Repair Major Appliances and Provide Professional Appliance Maintenance Service to provide a LONGER LIFESPAN to your APPLIANCE.

  • Our Commitment to Quality

    ALEX & SON APPLIANCE REPAIR shows committment with excellent customer care, professional skill, and the highest level of respect to all our loyal customers!

    ALEX & SON APPLIANCE REPAIR has brought specialized repair services to the Los Angeles community over the last decade. ALEX AND SON APPLIANCE REPAIR serve the Greater Los Angeles Area and surrounding counties.

    Just one the reasons our clientele kept coming back again and again.

    With nearly over a decade of experience, exceptional engineers, designers and contractors, our clients can rest assured that every aspect of the construction project.

    The materials and products we use to build with are top quality and professionally installed.

    Here at ALEX AND SON APPLIANCE REPAIR, we are experienced in our field of work and will go beyond what we promise. We show how our expertise is known throughout. We promise your home will have a new clean look to it.

  • Our Philosophy

    ALEX AND SON APPLIANCE REPAIR are family and employee owned company since 1995. We only service major household kitchen appliances and laundry appliances.

    We will give you service right away.

    We usually have a 30 minute - 1 hour time frame of arrival. Contact Us to Get All of Your Appliances Up and Running!

    Free Service Fee with any Repair! Our Technicians keep most common parts in their vehicles so most work will be done same day!

  • Areas of Service

    ALEX AND SON APPLIANCE REPAIR provide service throughout The Greater Los Angeles Area.

    Our technicians arrive within a 30 minute - 1 Hour Time Frame. Contact Us to Get All of Your Appliances Repaired & Serviced.

Same-Day Service Dedicated Reliable Trustworthy

On - Time Professionals

WE PRIDE OURSELVES WITH QUALITY WORK, SAME DAY SERVICE & OUR STANDARDSWe Work With Major House Hold Appliances Major Appliance Repairs Include: Refrigerators, Heaters, Cooktops, Water Heaters, Washers, Dryers, Cookers, Stovetops, Ovens, Refrigerators, and more.

WE GO THE EXTRA MILE TO GET YOUR APPLIANCE RUNNING AS SOON AS TODAY! FREE SERVICE CALL IF THE JOB IS DONE BY US! RETURNING CUSTOMERS GET 15% OFF Santa Clarita Appliance Repair has Helped Thousands of Families with Detailed Diagnostics & Professional Service Call Us Today To Speak With Our Friendly Staff! We Guarantee Exceptional Service with Every Job!.