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Heather Keeton is an itinerant minister at

United Pursuit Church, Vallejo, California.

She is available to speak at your community event, church gathering, social networking events, and provides multi-media outreach; professing the Word of God and the Gospel. 


Heather Keeton

Heather Keeton grew up in Fairfield, California. She grew up loving the Church, having been part of one her whole life.

Heather spent the majority of her younger years in Christian School, however those years were extremely difficult, suffering from severe clinical depression, anxiety, ADHD, endometriosis, fibromyalgia, pervasive developmental disorder and hypoglycemia, most of these undiagnosed.

So it wasn't surprising that she spent the ages of 12 - 17 failing all her classes and planning her suicide. She ended up married but still severely depressed and barely funcioning. After 9 years of marriage, it ended in a divorce.

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Now depressed and destitute, she managed to build a career as a special needs nanny, but was left unsatisfied and broken, knowing that God had bigger plans for her life. She knew The Lord was calling her to the ministry. Crying out to God, she refused to settle for anything less than transformation by the Holy Spirit.

Heather Keeton

In July of 2013, in the middle of a church service, the Holy Spirit landed on her in a powerful encounter. From that moment on, she was completely delivered and set free from all shame, guilt, condemnation, and haunting memories from her past by the soverign power of God. She also been completely delivered of depression since 2007.

Heather Keeton is an itinerant minister, prophetic intercessor and prayer minister at United Pursuit Church, Vallejo, California. (www.unitedpursuitchurch.org)

She discovered the glory of Heaven is accessible and communing with Holy Spirit and experiencing angels are now part of everyday life. The Word of God is alive and powerful and His voice is always guiding. Encountering the supernatural is normal and natural for those in Christ Jesus.

In 2014, the Lord spoke one phrase to her the entire year, "It's the Power of God".

She is working on her first book by this title which will be out in 2019.

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Heather is Passionate About Teaching The Power of God, the Prophetic, Intercession, Transformation, The Supernatural, & Preaching The Gospel

Heather Keeton believes the Word and Voice of God has the power to change any heart, any situation and any life.

Heather had an encounter with the Holy Spirit in July of 2013 that forever changed her perspective of God. 


Seek God first and His blessings and favor will flow to and through you.

Heather Keeton has been preaching since 2013 and she has witnessed Christ and helped many Sick People, Prostitutes, and People who are lost!

we're proud of our accomplishments!

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